Any military drone crossing border from Pakistan will be shot down: Lt Gen Klare

Any military drone crossing border from Pakistan will be shot down
Any military drone crossing border from Pakistan will be shot down


A top army commander said on Wednesday that amid reports of the use of drones, a top army commander said that the Indian Armed Forces are capable of identifying such equipment and that any military drone from Pakistan to India Will be “shot”.

Talking to reporters on the occasion of the first-of-its-kind seminar on artificial intelligence at Hisar Military Station, South Western Command Chief Lt Gen Alok Singh Kaler also said that there is nothing to worry at this time.

“Currently, the drones you are showing here on the program have very little carriage capacity. And, what we are hearing, the reports about drones being used from across the border, their capacity (also ) Is very small.

“So there is no need to worry,” he said when asked about news of the use of drones from across the border.

Lieutenant General Keller said that the systems and radars of the Indian Armed Forces are in place.

“And the military use of any drone that comes to our site will be shot according to the capabilities of the Indian Air Force and the Army,” he said.

According to the Punjab Police investigation, GPS-fitted drones capable of lifting 10 kg of weight have been flown from Pakistan seven to eight times to seize weapons, ammunition and fake currency in Tarn Taran district of Punjab.

The Punjab Police on Sunday claimed to have busted a terrorist module of the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF) backed by the Pakistan and Germany-based group. It added that the militant group was plotting to launch a series of attacks in Punjab and adjoining states.

During the investigation, the accused revealed that the drone was used to use weapons and ammunition, officials of the counter-intelligence wing of the Punjab Police said.

Hisar military station is home to the 33rd Armored Division of the army.

On the use of AI in the military, Keller stated: “AI is being used for all such military capabilities, from direct destruction to intelligence”.

“Initially, it will be for creative use, helping the commander make his decision. Taking information and turning it into intelligence, this is probably the first use of AI for the military in a constructive way,” he said.

“But, soon we have to take into account the disruptive use of artificial intelligence,” he said.

Source: TNN


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