HAL plans to build Ilyushin IL-114 for regional flights

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hal Ilyushin IL-114 radar

“PJSC is working on the civil certification of this aircraft, which is expected to arrive by 2021. Subsequently, they also receive European (Aviation Regulatory) certification, which is to use this aircraft in civilian space. HAL Chairman R Madhavan told TOI, “We signed a non-disclosure agreement with Illushin for the maintenance of this aircraft in India for our customers in India and surrounding countries.”

“This aircraft is an ideal replacement for the (popular turboprop) used by airlines in India for regional routes.” It comes at three-quarters of that price. The Ilyushin IL-114-300 features Pratt & Whitney from the west, contemporary interiors, and avionics engines. While we plan to start with the maintenance of this aircraft, we are planning to build it here when we find a good market. Madhavan said we will know if (order from Indian cargoes for Udon or regional flights is received).

CMD said the IL-114 would come at a list price of about $ 17–18 million, as opposed to the $ 22 million option currently being used by airlines in India. “This aircraft can be used in both the regional cargo and passenger markets,” he said.

Madhavan met PJSC general-director Yuri Slusher in Moscow on August 28 as part of the International Aviation and Space Salon or Business Program of the Moscow Air Show-2019.

Source: Economic Times

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