India is exporting bulletproof jackets of international standard to more than 100 nations: BIS

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India is exporting bulletproof jackets of international standard

According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India has started exporting bulletproof jackets according to its standards, which conform to international standards, including more than 100 countries, including European countries. A top BIS official said that India is the fourth country after the US, UK, and Germany to have its national standard on bulletproof jackets that provide 360-degree protection.

BIS is a national body that sets quality standards for various products and services. So far, it has set more than 20,000 standards.

“I understand that bulletproof jackets are not only produced and bought in India but also sold in 100 other countries as per BIS standards,” BIS Deputy Director Rajesh Bajaj told during an event.

India is the fourth country in the world to have national standards on this product. “We brought all the stakeholders together and decided on a national standard, which is of international quality. Armed forces are now buying according to this standard,” he said.

Elaborately, JK Gupta, who is a scientist at BIS and a member secretary to create the national standard for bulletproof jackets, said, “India was not able to procure quality bulletproof jackets in the absence of standards. Therefore, long There was a pending demand. From the armed forces to set quality standards for this product. “

In December 2018, BIS formulated a national standard for bulletproof jackets following instructions from the Prime Minister’s Office and Niti Aayog.

“The standard on bulletproof jackets was published in December 2018 and now everyone is implementing it. Under the Make in India program, we have a world-class facility and design capabilities. We offer these jackets to over 100 in Europe as well Are exporting to countries.…, ”She said.

Gupta said that two PSUs Medni and Ordnance Factory and private firms SNPP (Palwal) in Awadhi, Chennai, Starware (Faridabad) in Haryana and MKU (Kanpur) in Uttar Pradesh are manufacturing bulletproof jackets.

He said that domestic players have already supplied around 1.86 lakh jackets to the defense forces and the tender process for further supplies is underway.

Highlighting the main features of the bulletproof standard, Gupta said that jackets can be manufactured in various sizes to suit the need of soldiers and to provide protection up to 700 meters from AK-47 hard steel core bullets in different sizes Can be manufactured in per second.

He said that there is a provision of uniform and detailed testing protocols, along with dynamic weight distribution systems and design flexibility to ensure that everyone adopts the same standard.

Also, the BIS incorporates the test protocol into the standard to detect the shelf-life of the jacket.

Recently, VK Saraswat, a member of Niti Aayog and former head of DRDO, said that over 3 lakh bulletproof jackets would be required by the Indian armed forces.

He had also said that future tenders would be as per BIS norms.

According to officials, until now there was no specific standard for bulletproof jackets. Until now, orders had been placed for military and paramilitary forces based on specifications set by a customer.

Source: Economic Times

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