Leaked UN letter behind Maleeha Lodhi’s removal

Leaked UN letter behind Maleeha Lodhi’s removal
Leaked UN letter behind Maleeha Lodhi’s removal


Leaking letter to India written by the United Nations to the government of Pakistan about Hafiz Saeed has come as major reason behind the removal of Maleeha Lodhi as the permanent envoy of Pakistan to the UN.

The motive behind the leakage of letter to India was to thwart the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s visit to the US. On his return to Pakistan following his tremendously successful visit to the US, Prime Minister Imran Khan removed Maleeha Lodhi as permanent envoy of Pakistan to UN; certainly a solid reason prompted the quick reaction by PM and this reason was permission granted by UN on the request of government of Pakistan for releasing some amount from the accounts of Hafiz Saeed, Haji Muhammad Ashraf and Zafar Iqbal enabling them to meet their daily expenses.

UN issued this letter on August 15, 2019, which was hushed up by Maleeha Lodhi and her secretary Usman Tipu and waited that it will be made public when PM Imran Khan reaches New York to address UN General Assembly.

The said letter started appearing on Whatsapp of the people affiliated with journalism in New York on September 25.

On one occasion when foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was talking to media men, Indian journalists while referring to this letter repeatedly questioned if Pakistan has come here with applications seeking restoration of bank accounts of people from banned outfits instead of fighting the case of Kashmir.

UN has made it clear about this letter that the release of these short funds is in line with the law, but Pakistani journalists living in New York exposed the unholy nexus of Maleeha Lodhi and Indian lobby. The PM was informed about the real situation.

Moreover, the PM was also informed that Maleeha Lodhi sent a letter to Special Assistant to PM on Information Firdous Ashiq Awan stressing that press minister post is lying vacant in UN for the last 10 months, therefore, former press minister Saeed Anwar be appointed on this position. When the factors leading to the issuance of this letter by Maleeha Lodha to Firdous Ashiq Awan were ascertained, they also proved indescribable.

The later decision was taken to remove Maleeha Lodhi. It is pertinent to mention here that reports on social media have come that Faisal Sherwani, son of Maleeha Lodhi had got married to an Indian lady whose family has close relations with the Modi family. No contradiction has come from Maleeha Lodhi and her family on this count so far.

Source: Morning PK

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