Locusts pose hurdles at IAF base – Indian Defence Research Wing


Locusts entering India from Pakistan are not only causing damage to crops and vegetation in border districts, but also posing danger to operational activities of the Indian Air Force (IAF) at its airbase and to the civil flights in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. The IAF and civil airport have taken many precautionary measures. The DGCA, too, has issued guidelines in this regard. On Thursday, a big locust attack occurred in Jodhpur city and various parts of Jaisalmer district.

Last Sunday, locusts had entered Jaisalmer city and the IAF premises, but they did not enter the runway and technical area. Jaisalmer shares 471km border with Pakistan and these locusts are entering the district from Sindh and Punjab areas. Defence sources said last year, too, locusts had come on the runway and flying activities had to be suspended.A sweeping machine has been placed near the runway and the ATC has been given directions to stop flying activities if locusts are found on runway. The IAF is in touch with the locust control department and has arranged pesticides to destroy locusts.

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