Nuclear Weapons not made for War-Fighting – Army Chief Bipin Rawat

Nuclear Weapons not made for War-Fighting
Nuclear Weapons not made for War-Fighting


Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat and Indian air force head Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria last week once again threatened Pakistan with strikes, whipping up war-hysteria over occupied Kashmir.

According to a report by Indian daily The Times of India, the top Indian commander said that Indian troops would go across the Line of Control, referencing a controversial strike in Balakot that Pakistan claims only shelled some trees.

In response to a question about the use of nuclear weapons, General Rawat said that nuclear weapons were not weapons of warfighting and that those proclaiming they would use them in conventional warfare were not in the right state of mind.

“They are not weapons for warfighting. I find it difficult to comprehend when someone proclaims he will use them for conventional warfighting or if he is attacked. Will the world community ever allow you to use nuclear weapons like this?,” he questioned, according to TOI.

Earlier in September, Indian air force chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria had said that the Indian air force was ready for action against Pakistan and had purchased the new Rafale aircraft in this context.

“Rafale is a very capable aircraft, once we induct it, it will be a game-changer in terms of our operational capability. It will give us an edge over Pakistan and China,” Bhadauria told Indian media after taking over as Indian air force chief last month.

Source: GEO.TV

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