Pak Stadium Power Cut A ‘Live Telecast Of Pakistan’s Economic Failure’

Pak Stadium Power Cut
Pak Stadium Power Cut


Pakistan witnessed high humiliation amid the return of cricket in the country as it hosted Sri Lanka in the second ODI of the 3-match series at Karachi’s National stadium. Since 2009, this was the first instance of an international cricket match being held at the venue. Although the team celebrated the win with a 67-run victory, twice during the game the venue witnessed electricity failure on September 30. The match had to be paused on both occasions.

Pakistan faces electricity hurdles:

The ongoing match was subject to power failure twice which left the audience surprised as it’s not something that is normally witnessed at international sporting occasions. The fans at the venue were left shocked while the players waited on the field, pausing their game for the lights to return. Social media ran amok as fans could not help but crack jokes on the unfortunate situation. It was especially an embarrassment considering it had been a decade since the last time a cricket match was held at the stadium.

Twitter wonders ‘How?’

Twitter had a great time reacting to the situation with many people trolling Pakistan. While some expressed surprise or shock at the incident, others simply found it funny. Netizens went on to troll them further as a lot of other malfunctions were witnessed during the match. The stadium attendance was another matter of concern as the Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed had earlier urged the fans to show up in numbers to celebrate the return of international cricket back in the country. However, as a consequence of the malfunctions, the Pakistani Cricket Board had to face a lot of criticisms on being unprepared.

Source: Republic TV

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