Pakistan 15th most powerful army in the world, India is 4th

Pakistan 15th most powerful army in the world, India is 4th
Pakistan 15th most powerful army in the world, India is 4th


According to Global Firepower’s 2019 Military Power Rankings, Pakistan Army has been ranked as the 15th most powerful army in the world. The US, Russia, and China are ranked as the three most powerful armies in that order, with India in fourth place, ahead of France, Japan, South Korea, and the UK.

Global Firepower ranks militants from 137 countries by weighing a complex number of factors, not just the sheer number of soldiers or weapons. It looks at a large number of different criteria, including the diversity of arms, manpower, population, geography, and status of its development in each country. While it gives bonus points to countries with nuclear weapons, it does not factor in their nuclear reserves in the final score. While landlocked countries are not penalized for not having a navy, countries that have a navy but lack diversity in their fleets.

The Global Firepower ranking uses more than 55 factors to determine a country’s power index score. The formula allows for short. More technologically advanced countries to compete with larger, less developed ones. A perfect PwrIndex score is 0.0000, which is virtually unattainable. The closer the country to that number, the more powerful is their army. For example, the power index rating for the US is 0.0615. The figure is 0.2798 for Pakistan and 0.1065 for India.

According to the ranking, Pakistan has a total of 1,204,000 military personnel, a total aircraft capacity of 1342 (ranked 7th out of 137), 348 fighter aircraft, 197 total naval assets and a defense budget of US $ 7 billion. Meanwhile, India has an estimated 3,462,500 military personnel, with a total aircraft number of 2082 (4th out of 137), 4184 fighter tanks, 295 total naval assets, and an aircraft carrier. India’s defense budget is the US $ 55.2 billion.

According to Global Firepower, the ranking of the world’s top 25 most powerful militants in 2019 is:

1) United States
2) Russia
3) China
4) India
5) France
6) Japan
) South Korea
8) United Kingdom
9) Turkey
10) Germany
11) Italy
12) Egypt
13) Brazil
14) Iran
15) Pakistan
16) Indonesia
17) Israel
18) North Korea
19) Australia
20) Spain
21) Canada
22) Taiwan,
23) Vietnam
24) Poland
25) Saudi Arabia
26) Interestingly, according to the rankings, the three countries with the least powerful armies are Bhutan, Liberia, and Suriname, ranked 137, 136 and 135 respectively.


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