Pakistan Air Force released maps during the February skirmish, footage of the attack on the Indian base

Pakistan Air Force released footage of the attack on the Indian base

The Pakistani Air Force has released a media presentation on ‘Operation Swift Retort’, held on 26 February 2019, in retaliation for the Indian Air Force attacks on a terrorist camp in Pakistan.

In its presentation, the PAF stated that there was “actual footage” of one of the Pakistani bombs being dropped outside the Indian Army’s ammunition depot.

The PAF said it targeted the base, but “dropped the bomb 400 meters below the target” to avoid advancing the situation. The claim was one of four where the Air Force dropped six bombs on 27 February.

A Pak Airforce spokesman said, “This is the actual clip of the bomb being directed toward the target,” while footage recorded from the missile’s onboard camera was shown approaching its target.

PAF also showed photos of the wreckage of the Indian MiG-21 bison during the February 27 clashes.

The PAF claimed that all its data were “available for independent verification.”

Kashmir strain:

On 26 February, two weeks after a suicide bomber linked up with Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed, 40 Indian security personnel were killed in Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Air Force attacked a surprise border crossing. An alleged Jaish-e-Mohammed training camp in the Balakot region of Pakistan.

A day later, on 27 February, Indian and Pakistani forces engaged in an aerial dogfight over Kashmir, leading to the firing of at least one Indian aircraft, India claimed that it also shot down a Pakistani F-16, While Pakistan claimed that it had dropped down to a MiG-21 besides a Su-30 MKI.

Back-to-back strikes and aerial skirmishes led to a major exodus along the fragile Kashmir border, with both countries engulfed in front and rear artillery and small arms fire, and each other with more serious consequences, including nuclear use. Were threatening Weapons, in the event of war.

In early August, India formally revoked the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir, adding to tensions.

The Kashmir dispute has been the cause of three of the three wars between India and Pakistan since gaining independence from Britain in 1947.

Source: SPUTNIK News

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