Living on grass – Pakistan can no longer drink milk as it becomes costlier than petrol

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According to Pakistani media reports, on the day Muharram is celebrated, the price of milk in major cities of Pakistan has gone out of control. In Karachi and Sindh province, the price of milk has reached Rs 140 per liter.

Interestingly, petrol and diesel prices in Pakistan are lower than milk. Petrol was sold at Rs 113 per liter just two days ago, while diesel was Rs 91 per liter in Pakistan.

It has even been reported that milk is sold for up to Rs 140 a liter in some parts of Sindh.

A shopkeeper said, “Milk is being sold in Karachi city for between Rs 120 and Rs 140.”

Sabil (stalls) are set up in different parts of the city to offer milk, juice and cold water to the participants of the procession of the holy month during Muharram. There is a huge demand for milk for this. Milk prices have increased due to increased demand.

“We set up milk every year and just didn’t want to leave it this year because of the rise in milk prices,” said a resident who founded, which he never saw in his life that he raised so much price Milk due to Muharram

According to reports, Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shalwani, who is responsible for controlling the price of milk, seems to be at what rate the milk is being sold.

Ironically, the official price of milk set by the commissioner’s office is still Rs 94 per liter.

Source: TNN

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