Pakistan’s latest aggression: An airfield at PoK, just 150 km from Srinagar

Pakistan's latest aggression An airfield at PoK just 150 km from Srinagar
Pakistan’s latest aggression An airfield at PoK just 150 km from Srinagar


Another aggressive gesture by Pakistan: a military airfield at Mansehra, within striking distance of India. The new airfield of Pakistan Air Force is along the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa border and is only 150 km from Srinagar and 235 km from Jammu.

The government of Pakistan has already allocated 1,600 million Pakistani rupees for the project and government sources said that the PAF believes it can target Kashmir – only 150 km from Srinagar and 235 km from Jammu – and the Line of Control. Places with. PAF has an Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) in Muzaffarabad, 50 km from Mansehra. And the new airfield can complement it. Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden was found and killed, is also about 20 km away.

Highly placed defense officials said PAF airspace could be a double-edged sword for Pakistan. Certainly, the “forward deployment” of Pakistani Air Force fighter jets will make it more difficult for Indian air-defense systems. They will have less time to take on fighters and bring them down. PAF aircraft will have more “loitering” time than the target – meaning they will have more time to drop their bombs.

But, a base so close to the Line of Control ensures that India can target it with deadlock weapons. Any airplane about 100 km from the LoC is unsafe – the BrahMos missile has a range of about 300 km. Defense sources said the flight time from Srinagar to the Indian Air Force is also about five to six minutes.

Other airfields are also being built. The portion of Jacobabad, where six F-16s were recently spotted, is under renovation. New surveillance radars are being installed in Mianwali.

And although Pakistan has failed to gain much international support on Kashmir, it continues to receive military support from China. The joint Sino-Pak aerial exercise, Shaheen 8, has concluded in Jiuquan, Gansu Province, China. Eighteen fighters, including an F7PG, Mirage, JF-17, and an AEW have been seen for aerial warnings. Along with two C-130s many of them were spotted in Jinggan, probably en route to Gansu.

Source: Times Now News

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